Leading the way

Oasis Environmental Group LLC is the leader in the environmental industry in Hawaii. Oasis provides hazardous and nonhazardous waste management and disposal, materials recycling, transformer services, and environmental consulting services. Oasis utilizes a global network of resources to insure your environmental needs are met with the latest technology and regulatory compliance. With customers in a variety of industries throughout Hawaii and partners across the globe, updates in industry standards and safety protocols are quickly shared throughout our company and passed onto our clients. Oasis is known in the industry for providing highly qualified professionals to service your needs and provide the ultimate customer service experience throughout Hawaii and the Pacific Rim.

Planning & Permits

Oasis can provide support and assistance to our customers who are creating or upgrading their safety program or need to address violations identified in a regulatory inspection.

Waste Management

Oasis provides a wide range of treatment and disposal options for all your waste streams. We have a proven track record for compliance and safety in the hazardous waste industry in Hawaii.

Recycling Services

Oasis leads the way in the state of Hawaii by providing compliant solutions for the recycling of retired transformers, electronics and IT equipment.